To hire a spa you only need


A 13 amp socketA 13 amp socket


A water supplyA water supply


Suitable accessSuitable access

Access requirements for this package. 80cm width and 205cm of height at its narrowest and lowest points to allow the spa to be rolled into its desired location.

  • We require 3 pictures; one of the proposed area for the hot tub go, two of the route the hot tub will take to this spot.
  • Also, your electricity supply must be no more than approximately 3 meters from the hot tub.

PRICE LIST:                          PRICE ON ITS ON       WITH GAZEBO PACKAGE

WEEKEND (THURS-MON)   £215                             +£25

WEEK (MON-MON)             £250                             +£55

CHRISTMAS (20TH-27TH)    £300                              INCLUDED

NEW YEAR (28TH-4TH)        £300                              INCLUDED


  • QuatroSpa Hot Tub
  • 5 / 6 Seater
  • 26 Therapy Jets
  • Lighting
  • Gazebo
  • Chemicals
  • Cover
  • Delivery
  • Collection
  • Size2000mm Diameter x 740mm Deep – Fits through doorways!
  • Water capacity 1000 Litres 
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