Swimming Pools

Relax – We’ve got you covered

Besides actually building the pool, swimming pool maintenance requires the most work. The amount of responsibility it takes to maintain a pool can be overwhelming, even for the most motivated of people. You have to skim for tiny pieces of leaves and dirt; vacuum up the dirt and grime on the pool floor, and even clean the filters and add chemicals.

That is why Solent Hot Tubs gladly takes the responsibility off your hands. We can put you on a weekly maintenance schedule, and take care of all those tedious jobs for you. Whether we have built your pool or not our doors are open to new customers, even if you already have a pool.


Swimming Pool Construction at any level.

Renovation & Repair

Pool repairs are essential to ensure the long term soundness of the structure.

Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosures; all year swimming, heat retention & a cleaner pool

Pool Safety

Avoidable accidents can be avoided with the correct equipment.

If you would like to enquire about a swimming pool, please fill out the enquiry form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible:


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